How is this project funded?

    This project was part of the ‘Coastal Connections- People and Places’ bid to the Coastal Communities Fund, which was successfully granted in April 2017.

    What is the ‘Dorset Coastal Connections- people and places’ project?

    Dorset Coastal Connections is comprised of 18 coordinated projects between Christchurch and Lyme Regis with a goal of connecting people to the coast, connecting coastal communities to each other and connecting the Dorset coast to the 'wider world'. Enhanced access and public spaces will be created through creative and innovative approaches using arts and technology. 

    What is the Coastal Community Fund?

    The Coastal Community Fund (CCF) is managed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). It is a UK-wide programme designed to support the economic development of coastal communities by promoting sustainable economic growth and jobs.

    In October 2016, Dorset's Coastal Community Team (DCCT), a partnership of local authorities, landowners, charities and business representatives, submitted the first ever partnership portfolio bid to the Coastal Community Fund.  The bid was successful and in April 2017 the Dorset Coastal Connections- people and places portfolio was granted £5.6 million for a partnership of 14 organisations to deliver 18 projects across the Dorset Coast, involving local communities throughout. The grant has been matched by funding from the project partners, meaning that £12 million worth of projects will be completed under this banner by December 2019.

    How is this funding being managed?

    Working in partnership, the Dorset Coastal Connections - people and places project employs a small co-ordination team, based within Dorset Coast Forum, an independent, non-political partnership organisation. Find out more about Dorset Coast Forum here. Each project is being led by relevant partners, with Dorset Coast Forum being responsible for consultation, leading on communications and disbursing the grant to partners to enable the work to be completed.

    Why are consultations needed?

    Consulting and engaging with the community is key to the success of each of the 18 Dorset Coastal Connections projects.  The local community is at the heart of these projects and we want residents, visitors, businesses and all partners to ‘have your say’ on what the community needs from each of the projects. 

    Consultations will be facilitated by Dorset Coast Forum, who will provide an independent, impartial and hands-on approach to ensure that the communities of each of these projects are listened to throughout the process.  Consultations will vary in format depending on what works best for each project, but may include engagement events, posters, stakeholder meetings and workshops as well as the ‘Dorset Coast have your say’ website  Consultation responses will be reviewed by all partner organisations involved in the projects to decide the best way forward for the each of these community projects. 

    How can I contact Dorset Coastal Connections?

    You can contact the Dorset Coastal Connections team at:


    Phone: 01305 224833