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CTAP Shortlist - Have Your Say!

Charmouth has been selected as the next recipient for funding as part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency’s Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme (CTAP).

CTAP helps communities to plan for the long term, including through interventions such as improving and replacing damaged community infrastructure like beach access or coastal transport links, repurposing land in coastal erosion zones for different uses such as temporary car parks, and restoring and creating habitats to include green buffer zones.

The Outline Business Case is currently being written, and we would value your feedback on options being considered. This list of options has been created using feedback from the community and key stakeholders. Thank you if you were able to join us at one of our events. 

This survey will close on 31st July.

Shortlisted Options

Below you can read more about the shortlisted options being considered for inclusion in the Outline Business Case (in no particular order). You then have the chance to select your top 5 priority options.

Due to the limited budget, the project will not be able to fund all of these actions, so your input is essential for us to find out which are most important to you as a community. 

1. Beach, river, cliff monitoring and behaviour assessments - to develop an understanding of what will happen to the beach, river mouth, and cliff over a range of timescales. Provides a sound scientific basis for all subsequent options.

2. Planning and building control mapping and guidance - to ensure any future development is appropriate.

3. Adaptation plan - Research and development of adaptation measures and a plan to support transition and resilience.

4. Flood and cliff retreat warning system, emergency response plan, awareness campaign - to improve resilience to and recovery from episodic high impact events such as cliff falls, reducing risk to life. 

5. Access improvements - Upgrade/replace access to beach either via access ramp in front of Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre and/or a ramp to the west.

6. Nature based solutions: River flooding - Assessment of potentially re-opening natural flood zones to reduce flash flooding in the town.

7. Nature based solutions: Vegetated slopes - to research and trial the potential impact of vegetation on shallow slope instability on the west side of town.

8. Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre (CHCC) rollback and popup - Research on moving the CHCC to an alternative location such as the grass carpark behind the Centre or out of town. Research potential to create beach front facility with a popup Centre which can be moved to avoid significant storms, increasing resilience.  

9. Defence adaptation - Research adaptation of current defences such as moving rock already on site to improve defences at vulnerable sites. Research returning the coastline to a natural system to build beach and reduce coastal erosion.

10. Surface and groundwater management - Assess the viability of surface and groundwater management and its impact on stability of the slopes above the cliffs.

11. Improve flood and erosion resilience of the Old Cement Factory building (CHCC) - Installation of shutters, flood bunds etc on the building to prevent impact of floods and erosion.

12. Assess the risk to sewage pumping station - to review the impact of high water levels on the pumping station and potential solutions. Potential to facilitate discussion with Wessex Water.

13. National Coast Science Wardens - Community group to gather data of coastal change (e.g. photographs) to be collated and interpreted.

14. Environmental and heritage reports - Development of baseline environmental and heritage reports to assist in planning developments and stabilisation. 

15. Stakeholder steering group - Establish a stakeholder steering group to promote coordinated actions such as drainage schemes across multiple properties.

Please note: these are only proposed options and there are limited specifics at this stage. However, if you have any questions, please contact us on


After you have looked at the list of options that could potentially be included in the programme. Please select your top 5 priority options from the list below.

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This information is being collected by the Dorset Coast Forum (a coastal partnership hosted by Dorset Council). All information you provide is treated in confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The responses from this survey will only ever be used for the statistical and monitoring purposes of this project and will be shared with Dorset Council who are leading on the project and Jacobs who are the consultant delivering the project.

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